Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Cardboard? (Facts You should Know)

Although cute, small, and timid creatures, Guinea Pigs or cavies, have very strong digestive systems. In comparison with other rodent-like pets, such as Rabbits and Chinchillas, this is significantly more powerful. 

In this article, we will discuss if guinea pigs can chew on cardboard.

Here’s If Guinea Pigs Can Chew On Cardboard

The strength of their digestion means they can chew on things like wood, paper, and cardboard. So, yes, Guinea Pigs can munch on cardboard without suffering any adverse effects. But, they shouldn’t eat too much, only chew.

Can Guinea Pigs Chew On Cardboard?

Is It Good For Guinea Pigs To Chew On Cardboard?

Not only is it safe for them to nibble on cardboard, but it’s also advisable to make them a little house out of it. They will feel safe and secure in a cozy living space. Even if you don’t make a house, put some cardboard inside their cage.

When you give a Cavy cardboard, ensure there are no chemicals, dyes, prints, or other finishes over it. If there’s such a covering, only allow them to rip and tear it up. Remove it from their cage if they begin eating the cardboard. Avoid giving them cardboard with chemical treatments.

The only time cardboard will become an issue for a Guinea Pig’s health is if it eats a huge amount. As a general rule, they should have no more than one cup of cardboard two times per day.

Do Guinea Pigs Like to Chew on Cardboard?

It seems that Guinea Pigs do love gnawing on cardboard.  Well, they actually need to chew on things to keep their teeth in good condition. This is because their teeth grow throughout their entire lives. They have to wear them down while keeping dental issues at bay.

Is Chewing on Toilet Paper Rolls Good for Guinea Pigs?

Toilet paper rolls are OK for Guinea Pigs to have as a decorative item or toy in their cage. But, if you notice them eating it, remove it right away because it does have the capacity to create a digestive upset. The glue used to adhere the roll in a cohesive cylinder can be very dangerous for them.

Are Cereal Boxes Safe For Cavies?

Any sort of product packaging that contains cardboard should be perfectly fine for a Guinea Pig to tear and nibble on. Things like soda boxes, tissue boxes, and cereal boxes will do. But watch so they don’t start eating them, just chewing.

Are Shoeboxes Safe For Guinea Pigs To Chew on?

Shoeboxes should be OK for a Guinea Pig’s need to nibble. But, it shouldn’t have any finishes, coating, or chemical treatments. This includes links, designs, and other printing substances.

These things will hurt a Guinea Pig’s digestive system if they eat them. If they only tear it up, it should be fine. But, you do want to monitor their munching.

Will Guinea Pigs Be Okay To Chew On Amazon Boxes?

Like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and toilet paper rolls, Amazon boxes are more than okay for them to munch on. Many Guinea Pig lovers and experienced handlers attest to the safety of these.

This is because they are not toxic or have any chemical coating. Of all the cardboard boxes available for Guinea Pigs to chew on, Amazon’s are arguably the safest.

Final Thoughts

Letting a Guinea Pig chew on cardboard is perfectly fine. You just want to be smart about it and inspect all pieces before giving them to them. They can eat about two cups per day, but no more. Yes, they have impressive digestive systems to handle wood and wood-based products. But you want to be careful so as not to create a health mishap for your Guinea Pig.

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