Do Guinea Pigs Attract Rats (Quick Facts)

The sight of a rat in your home or near your guinea pig’s cage could lead to a sleepless night. This is due to the danger rats pose to your guinea pigs. In this article, you will find out if guinea pigs attract rats, and how you can prevent it.

Here’s If Guinea Pigs Attract Rats

Guinea pigs do not attract rats but the availability of food and water is what makes rats come near or enter your guinea pigs’ cage. In addition, the sanitary conditions in your home and in the cage of your guinea pigs also tend to attract rats.

Do guinea pigs attract rats?

Why Do Guinea Pigs Attract Rats?

As a guinea pig owner, you may be wondering why your guinea pigs are attracting rats. The root cause of this must be investigated and an urgent solution found to stop your guinea pig from attracting rats.

There are various reasons your guinea pigs attract rats. Here are the reasons:

Food Spillage

Food spillage left around your guinea pig’s cage must be cleaned immediately. Leaving it there can attract rats. Rats are constantly looking for food and water. Scavenging for food is their normal behavior.

Dirty Cage

If you leave your cage unattended for a long it becomes an easy target for rats. The rats are attracted to water and food. So cage hygiene must be taken seriously to promote the well-being of your guinea pigs.

Your Kitchen

Rats are always scavenging for food and water. Your kitchen is a good place for these rats. Leaving leftover food overnight is an avenue for rats to play around in your kitchen. So as a guinea pet owner, you must ensure you keep your kitchen clean.

Your Backyard

An overgrown backyard is a right place for rats to look for food. If you leave your backyard to grow with weeds it could be a hiding place for rats.

So make sure your backyard is cleared.

Open Spaces Around Your Home

The rats are so small. Any tiny spaces around are an easy target for them to come into your home. The areas to look out for are your front and back door areas. It is important to check regularly to ensure there is no available space for these rats.

Does Guinea Pig Poop Attract Rats?

Maintaining good hygiene in your guinea pig’s cage is something you must prioritize as a guinea pet owner. You do not want to leave your guinea pig poo in the cage for a very long time. The poo mixed with food will attract rats.

So you should not be surprised to see rats near the cage if you leave your cage in awful conditions.

How To Prevent Your Guinea Pig From Attracting Rats

Taking a preventive measure is one of the first steps a guinea pig owner must follow to stop their guinea pigs from attracting rats.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent your guinea pig from attracting rats:

Stop Food Spillage

Leaving spilled food near and around the cage must not be encouraged. Make sure you clean the area around your cage after feeding your guinea pigs.

Store your guinea food in a sealed container and lock it away.

Cage Maintenance

Your guinea pigs’ cage maintenance is very important. Constant cleaning of the cage is an effective way to prevent rats and other rodents from invading your guinea pigs’ cage. Hygiene promotes the well-being of your guinea pigs. So you must take this aspect of caring for your guinea pigs seriously.

Kitchen Maintenance

Rats are scavengers. They are constantly looking for food, water, and shelter. Your kitchen is an avenue for rat infestation. Leaving your utensils and plates overnight after eating must not be encouraged. Make sure any waste you dispose of must be put in a sealed bin.

Holes under your kitchen sink and opening spaces in your home must be sealed.

Your Backyard

Your backyard garden is an avenue for rats. You must maintain your backyard by clearing any weed overgrown. Make sure you do not throw food leftovers about in your backyard.

If you feed birds, make sure you get a good bird feeder to ensure their food does not spill around to attract rats in your backyard.

Any bin placed in your backyard must be closed at all times. Food smells can easily attract rats into your backyard.

Sealed Entrances Around Your Home

Any entrance around your home must be well sealed to prevent rats from coming into your home. Your front and back doors are the areas you must watch the post. Don’t keep any sort of food on your balcony as well.

Occasionally check around your building to make sure there are no creeks or spaces. These are avenues for these rats to enter your home.

Rat-Proof Cage

If you are purchasing a cage for your guinea pig, remember to get a rat-proof cage. This prevents rats from entering your guinea pig’s cage.

Get A Professional Help

If you are dealing with rats, you can bring in a skilled pest control person to help you deal with them. Contact your local pest control services for help.

Do Rats Pose A Danger To Your Guinea Pigs?

There is always a risk associated with rats coming in contact with your guinea pigs. Rats can pose danger to your guinea pigs as a result of a transfer of diseases. In some instances, the rats can bite your guinea pigs.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Rats

If you think your guinea pigs are like rats, you must think twice. Guinea pigs are prey while rats are predators. So guinea pigs will not be comfortable with rats in their cage. In addition to the nuisance, rats can bite and in some cases kill your guinea pigs

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs are lovely creatures and it is important you take very good care of them. As a guinea pig owner, the idea of seeing an unwanted visitor in the cage of your guinea pig must be of concern.

So do guinea pigs attract rats? Guinea pigs do not attract rats. The food and water in your guinea pig cage are what attract rats. The conditions in your cage also attract rats.

It is important to prevent this from happening.

Here is what you can do to prevent your guinea pigs from attracting rats:

  • stop food spillage in and around your guinea pig cage
  • regularly clean your guinea pig cage
  • Maintain a clean kitchen
  • All food and rubbish bins must be sealed properly
  • clean and maintain your backyard
  • Seal all spaces around your front and back doors




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