Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli? (Read This First)

Every guinea owner must ensure any veggie given to their guinea pigs is safe for their well-being. One such vegetable is Broccoli.

This article will explain if your Guinea pigs can be fed broccoli.

Here’s If Guinea Pigs Can Eat Broccoli

Guinea pigs can eat broccoli. Broocolli contains high vitamin c which is a daily requirement for your Guinea pigs. You must serve broccoli in moderation to avoid digestive issues. Broccoli must be served raw and preferably organic.

Nutritional Composition Of Broccoli

The nutritional composition of broccoli is essential. Knowing what broccoli contains will help you understand the benefits your guinea pig will derive from eating broccoli.

Broccoli is high in vitamin c and other minerals for the well-being of your guinea pigs.

The list below is the nutritional values of one cup of chopped raw broccoli:

  • Vitamin C- 81.2mg
  • Protein – 2.57mg
  • Fiber- 2.4g
  • Carbohydrates – 6g
  • sodium – 30.03mg
  • Calcium – 42.77mg
  • Phosphorus – 60.06mg
  • Potassium – 287.56mg
  • Magnesium- 19.11mg
  • Iron – 0.66mg
  • Fat – 0.34g

Should You Feed Your Guinea Pigs Organic or Non-Organic Broccoli?

The use of pesticides used in the growing of vegetables such as broccoli, a guinea pig owner must choose organic over non-organic.

You don’t want to feed your guinea pigs broccoli which is contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides are a danger to your guinea pig.

This can result in the death of your guinea pig if not treated quickly.

Here is the list of the symptoms or signs of pesticide ingestion:

  • Excessive salivating
  • Breathing difficulty

If you observe the above signs, you must take your guinea pig to a qualified Veterinary for examination.

If you can’t afford organic broccoli, you can purchase a non-organic one. But a little caveat. You must rinse your broccoli under running water for about two minutes.

Should Your Guinea Pigs Eat Cooked or Raw Broccoli?

When it comes to feeding your guinea pigs broccoli the question which comes to mind is whether to go raw or cooked.

Experts recommend you give your guinea pigs fresh broccoli. Remember to always wash your broccoli if it is organic or non-organic.

Cooked Broccoli tends to reduce its nutritional value as a result of heating.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Every Day?

Vegetable form part of the overall nutrition for your guinea pigs. However, Guinea pigs should not be fed entirely one particular vegetable every day.

So you must not feed your guinea pigs only Broccoli every day. You must give your guinea pig a variety of vegetables.

Guinea pigs’ main food is hay. Hay forms the greater percentage of their diet. The rest are green and vegetables.

How Much Broccoli Should Your Guinea Pigs Eat In A Day?

You must be measured in the amount of broccoli you give your Guinea pigs. Giving your Guinea pigs too much broccoli in a day can lead to issues like diarrhea.

If this is the first time you are feeding your Guinea pigs broccoli, you must give a small quantity first. You need to observe your guinea pig for any change after eating the broccoli.

Your Guinea pigs must be given broccoli a few days a week and not every day.

Should Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli?

Guinea pigs are weaned off their mothers after three weeks old. You must introduce them to broccoli gradually. At this stage, their digestive system is not that strong to handle a lot of vegetables. so you must look out for any symptoms after feeding them broccoli.

if you observe any digestive issues, consult a Veterinary immediately.

Are There Risks in Feeding Your Guinea Pigs Broccoli?

Depending on the amount of broccoli you feed your guinea pig there is a likely chance you are giving them too much.

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable. When you feed your guinea pigs too much broccoli this could result in gas producing and bloating.

This also causes gastrointestinal problems for your Guinea pig.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Defrosted Broccoli?

Guinea pigs should not be given defrosted Broccoli. Defrosted broccoli has reduced nutritional value. They are no longer healthy for your Guinea pigs to eat.

So if you have frozen broccoli and you want to defrost it and give it to your Guinea pig, you must think twice. Avoid it completely.

Can Guinea pigs Eat Broccoli Stems?

If you wondering whether you can feed your Guinea pigs broccoli stem, the answer is yes. Guinea pigs can eat the broccoli stem.

However, not all Guinea pigs will prefer Broccoli stems. Some Guinea pigs will prefer other parts of broccoli.

Don’t worry if your guinea does not eat the broccoli stem.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli Leaves?

Your Guinea pigs should eat broccoli leaves just like the stem. If you are thinking of giving your Guinea pigs broccoli leaves, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

If your guinea pigs prefer the broccoli leaves, it should be fine.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs love to eat broccoli. Broccoli contains high vitamin c which is essential for raising happy and healthy pigs. You must feed your guinea pigs broccoli in moderation. It must not be the main food for your Guinea pigs.

You must combine broccoli with other vegetables to feed your guinea pigs.

Here is a list of some vegetables you can combine with broccoli to feed your guinea pigs.

  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Dandelion greens
  • Parsley
  • collard Greens
  • Bell Peppers
  • Mustard Greens


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