Can Guinea Pigs Eat corn? (The Hidden Truth)

Guinea pigs’ diet mainly consists of hay, pellets, vegetables, and fruit. But occasionally, they have some food as a treat.

Is corn among those foods guinea pigs can eat?

Let’s find out from this article

Here Is If Guinea Pigs Can Eat Corn

Guinea pigs can eat corn. Guinea pigs should eat 2 or 3 kernels a few times a week. The husks and silk can be eaten daily. Corn has a good amount of Vitamin C and other minerals for the overall health of your guinea pigs. Overfeeding guinea pigs with corn can result in digestive issues, diabetes, obesity, and urinary issues.

can guinea pigs eat corn

Structural Parts Of Corn

Corn or maize has different parts which we have listed below for you

  • Kernels: the edible part which you want to eat
  • Cob: is the semihard thing in the center. The kernels cover this.
  • Husks: The leaves that enclose the cob and the kernels. You can leave it on the cob or remove it if you want to boil it. For grilling, you must remove the husk. It is not edible for human consumption. The husk texture is different from the main leaves.
  • Silk: This part looks and feels silk when young. It changes to brownish color when dry.
  • The leaves: This is usually fed to livestock. It is not good for human consumption
  • An Ear: This refers to the whole packed you pluck of the plant. This includes the kernels on the cob, husk, and silk.
  • Stalk: Is thick and tall. The stalk supports the leaves and the ears.

Nutrition Facts About Corn

Corn is a good source of minerals and vitamins that are important for your guinea pigs’ health.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a medium size of an ear of corn contain the following nutrients:

  • calories- 87.7kcal
  • Fat -1.38g
  • Sodium -15.3mg
  • Carbohydrate -19.1g
  • Fiber – 2.04g
  • Sugars -6.38g
  • Protein -3.34g
  • Thiamin-0.158mg
  • Potassium-275mg
  • Vitamin C -6.94mg
  • Iron- 0.53mg
  • Magnesium-0.166mg
  • Zinc -0.469mg
  • Vitamin B5
  • Calcium- 2.04mg

Benefits Of Corn For Guinea Pigs

Feeding your guinea pigs corn comes with some benefits. However, if you feed them too much corn, the benefits are not realized.

So it is important to make sure you are feeding corn in moderation.

Here are some of the benefits we found for you:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important in the diet of guinea pigs. They need it daily in their diet. Your guinea pigs can’t make Vitamin C on their own.

So you need to provide it through their food. Vitamin C is important for the skin, joints, and gums. It helps to heal wounds faster.

Lack of this vitamin has been linked to a condition called scurvy.

Here are some of the symptoms of scurvy you should know:

  • Weight loss
  • They become lethargic
  • dental problems
  • diarrhea
  • rough skin coat


Corn has some amount of fiber which is beneficial to your guinea pigs. Fiber helps the digestion health of guinea pigs. So providing a diet high in fiber is crucial. Fiber also keeps your guinea pigs fuller for a long time.

That said, their primary source of fiber should be hay(Timothy Hay).


Corn has a good amount of potassium. Potassium is important for the control of blood pressure and heart health.

Risks Associated With Feeding Your Guinea Pigs Corn

Feeding your guinea pigs corn carries with it some risks. It is important to know these risks so you can take the necessary steps to avoid any health issues for your furry friend.

Here are the risks we found for you

Digestive issues

Corn contains sugar. Guinea pigs’ digestive systems cannot handle a large amount of sugar. This can lead to stomach upset and other digestive health issues such as diarrhea.


Corn contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Combing this with the sugar content and feeding it to your guinea pigs, there is a high chance your guinea may suffer from diabetes.


Corn is high in carbs. Feeding your guinea foods high in calories can lead to your guinea pigs being overweight. If this is monitored over time it can degenerate into obesity.

You must ensure your guinea pigs maintain their ideal weight by checking them regularly.

The normal weight of male guinea pigs ranges from 900 to 1200g. For females, it ranges from 700 to 900 grams.

Urinary Issues

Feeding your guinea pigs a diet high in calcium is a recipe for disaster. Calcium is needed in growing or pregnant guinea pigs. However, for older guinea pigs, you must limit how much calcium they ingest into their body through the food you’re giving them.

Excess calcium in their food develops into urinary tract stones.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Corn Every Day?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat corn every day. Guinea pigs should rather eat corn as an occasional snack. Corn is hard to digest and is especially not good for your guinea pig’s digestive system if eaten every day.

Corn is not nutrient-dense like other plant food. It is generally considered a grain rather than a vegetable.

How Much Corn Should Your Guinea Pigs Have?

When it comes to feeding your guinea pigs corn, always stick to one rule. That is in moderation. The different parts of corn can be fed to your guinea pigs.

For the corn kernels, two or three a few times a week.

Corn husks and corn silk can be fed daily. But remember to add it to their main diet.

A little caveat. If this is the first time you are feeding your guinea pigs corn, try a little first and observe how your guinea pig’s digestive system handles it.

If it affects your guinea pig’s digestive system, you must not feed corn to your guinea pig.

The corn cob is too hard for your guinea pig to digest. so don’t feed your guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Corn Husks?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat corn husks. The husk is the outer formed leaves covering the kernels. Your guinea pigs can eat the husks on regular basis.

You must make sure you wash the husks, especially the first layer of husk. This is to ensure pesticide residue is removed first before feeding your guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Corn Silk?

Guinea pigs can eat corn silk. Corn contains a good amount of minerals and vitamins for your guinea pigs. Your guinea pigs consume corn silk daily

Studies have shown corn silk helps in weight management.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cornflakes?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat cornflakes. Cornflakes are highly processed and contain a lot of sugar. A diet high in sugar should not be fed to your guinea pigs.

High sugar leads to digestive issues and other related health issues such as diabetes.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cracked Corn?

Cracked corn is a corn kernel that has been dried and broken into smaller pieces. The size of the cracked corn depends on the type of grinder used. They are usually fed to birds.

Guinea pigs shouldn’t be fed cracked corn. Cracked corn is hard and your guinea pigs will find it difficult to digest it. Guinea pigs’ teeth were designed to be used on plants, so feeding cracked corn can damage their teeth or cause dental issues.

Cracked corn can also be a choking risk due to its coarse nature.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Popcorn?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t be fed popcorn. Popcorn has many additives added to it which can impact the health of your guinea pigs. Examples of these additives are sugar, salt oi, etc

Guinea pigs will have a hard time digesting popcorn. It can also pose a choking hazard for your guinea pigs.

Some pet owners believe they can give popcorn as an occasional treat. This is ill-advised because there is no nutritional value in popcorn. So you should never feed your guinea pigs popcorn.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Baby Corn?

Guinea pigs can eat baby corn. Baby corn is usually harvested before they mature. They have a lower carb than the matured corn

Baby corn is a good source of fiber. So feed your guinea pigs baby corn in moderation. You must add to their main diet,

The main diet of guinea pigs is fresh hay(Timothy ), pellets, vegetables, and some fruit occasionally.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cornmeal?

Guinea pigs should never be fed cornmeal. Cornmeal is made by grinding dried corn kernels. It is coarse in texture.

A Guinea pig can suffer digestive health issues if fed cornmeal. You don’t want to rake in a considerable Vet bill because you provided your guinea pigs with cornmeal.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen, Cooked, Or Canned Corn?

Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat frozen, cooked, or canned corn.

Here is the list of reasons your guinea pigs should avoid frozen, cooked, or canned corn:

  • Guinea pigs should never eat any food that is frozen. Frozen food is extremely cold and your guinea pig’s digestive system cannot handle cold food. This can cause stomach upset for your guinea pigs
  • Cooking food reduces its nutritional value and your guinea pigs will find it difficult to digest cooked corn.
  • Canned food contains preservatives and other additives. These preservatives and additives contain chemical substances which can harm your guinea pigs.

Final Thoughts

Can guinea pigs eat corn? Yes, guinea pigs can eat corn but in moderation. Corn has a high amount of vitamin C and other minerals that are beneficial to your guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs can eat corn husks and silk daily. Feed your guinea pigs 2 or 3 kernels a few times a week.

If you feed your guinea pigs too much corn, your guinea pigs can develop the following conditions:

  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • diarrhea
  • Urinary issue

You should always speak to your Vet before introducing new food to your guinea pigs.


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