Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon? (Get The Answer Here)

There are so many fruits you can choose from to feed your guinea pigs. However, the well-being of your guinea pigs can’t be underestimated.

Is watermelon an equally good choice to give your guinea pigs?

Let’s find out from this article.

Here’s If Guinea Pigs Can Eat Watermelon

Guinea pigs can eat watermelon including the rind, It is a great source of potassium, lycopene, and Vitamins A and C. Watermelon also have high water and sugar content. You must feed your guinea pig two or three square-cube inches of watermelon. This must be given once or twice a week as a treat.

Can guinea pigs eat watermelon

Nutrition Facts About Watermelons

According to the United State Department of Agriculture(USDA), one cup of diced watermelon has the following nutritional values:

  • Calories – 46g
  • water – 139g
  • Sodium – 1.5mg
  • Potassium – 170mg
  • Calcium -10.6g
  • Fiber – 0.6g
  • Carbohydrates – 11.5g
  • Sugars – 9,4g
  • Protein – 0.9g
  • Vitamin C – 12.3mg
  • Vitamin A – 43.6mcg
  • Lycopene – 6890mcg

Benefits Of Watermelon For Guinea Pigs

Watermelon contains nutrients such as minerals and vitamins which are beneficial to your guinea pig’s health. Some of these include magnesium, potassium, and Vitamins A and C.

Here is the list of the benefits your guinea derive from eating watermelon

Scurvy Prevention

Guinea pigs need a daily dose of Vitamin C in their diet. They can’t make their own Vitamin C. They get it through their food. Watermelon is a fruit with high Vitamin C.

So feeding your guinea pigs watermelon in moderation should get this Vitamin into their bodies. Lack of Vitamin C in the diet leads to a condition known as Scurvy.

    Good For Hydration

    Watermelon contains 98% water. This makes a good source of hydration, especially in summer weather.

    Guinea pigs need water for the proper functioning of their vital organs. That said, you must be mindful of the portion size you feed your guinea pigs.

    You should never replace proper drinking water with watermelon. Pure drinking water has no sugar content. So it is best to give your guinea pigs,

    Dehydration can have dire consequences on your guinea pigs. So you must always make sure your guinea pigs have fresh water daily in the cage.

    Here are some symptoms of hydration in guinea pigs:

    • Hard dry fecal matter
    • dark colored urine
    • Poor appetite
    • Crusty eyes

    If your guinea pig is ill, it wouldn’t be able to drink on its own. If that is the case, you must help them drink with help of a syringe. Place the syringe in the mouth corner of your guinea pig to help them drink. Do this gradually and pause when necessary.

    If your guinea pig refuses or doesn’t drink enough water through the syringe, you must contact your Vet immediately.

    Weight Gain Prevention

    Keeping your eyes on your guinea pigs is essential. You don’t want your guinea pigs to put on excess weight. Overweight guinea pigs can lead to obesity and diabetes issues.

    Feeding your guinea pigs a treat like a watermelon shouldn’t add additional weight. This is because watermelon has a high amount of water. low calories and negligible fat content,

    In addition, the fiber in watermelon makes your guinea pigs fill fuller. This prevents your guinea pigs from overeating.

    Remember guinea pigs’ weight ranges from 900 to 1200 grams for males and 700 to 900 grams for females.

    Lycopene Benefits

    From the nutritional value list above, Watermelon contains a chemical called Lycopene. Lycopene is what gives rise to the red color flesh of watermelon.

    Lycopene has great nutritional benefits for your guinea pigs. It has been linked to the reduction of heart disease and cancer.

    Are Watermelons Safe For Guinea Pigs To Eat?

    Watermelon though has good water content and is refreshing for your guinea pigs. However, watermelon carries risks for your guinea pigs.

    Giving your guinea pigs too much watermelon can lead to the following:

    1. Obesity and Diabetes

    The sugar content in watermelon is high. Guinea pigs’ digestive systems can’t handle sugar. Your guinea pigs can suffer from obesity and diabetes due to the high sugar content in watermelon.

    So it is important to always feed in moderation.

    2. Digestive Issue

    Watermelon has about 92% water. Feeding your guinea pig too much watermelon can lead to diarrhea. Diarrhea is dangerous for your guinea pigs. It can kill your guinea pigs if you don’t seek help from a qualified Vet.

    3. Urinary Tract Disease

    Watermelon contains calcium. Feeding your guinea too many watermelons can lead to bladder and kidney stones.

    Calcium is good for growing guinea pigs but adult guinea pigs do not need excess calcium in their body.

    So you need to feed watermelon in moderation.

    How To Prepare And Serve Watermelon To Guinea Pigs

    To prepare watermelon and serve it to your guinea pigs, there few instructions you need to follow.

    Here they are:

    • Buy a watermelon that is either organic or non-organic. Always make sure the watermelon is fresh and at room temperature.
    • Wash your watermelon carefully under running water. This is to get rid of any dirt or residual pesticides especially watermelon from a non-organic source.
    • Your watermelon should be cut and all seeds remove. You should never feed watermelon seeds to your guinea pigs.
    • Your watermelon must be cut into a small manageable size.
    • Cut the watermelon rinds and dispose of them. Some guinea pigs may like the rinds. Serve it to your guinea pigs. Remember to give your guinea pigs watermelon in moderation.
    • Store the rest in a freezer. You should never feed your guinea pigs frozen watermelon. Make sure it is thawed first before serving it to your guinea pigs.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Every Day?

    Guinea pigs shouldn’t have watermelon every day. Watermelon has sugar and daily consumption of it isn’t good for your guinea pigs. Too much sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes.

    Watermelon has a high amount of water. Too much water in this fruit leads to loose stool and other digestive issues

    You should only feed your guinea pigs watermelon once or twice a week. The portion size should be two or three square-inch cubes.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Rind?

    Watermelon rind has good nutritional value and it is safe for your guinea pigs to eat. Watermelon rind contains potassium, zinc, Vitamin C, and A contributing to the overall health of your guinea pigs.

    Watermelon rind has less sugar than the flesh itself. So it is safer to feed your guinea pigs.

    That said, you must still feed your guinea pigs watermelon rind in moderation.

    Are Feeding Guinea Pigs Watermelon Seeds Safe?

    Guinea pigs shouldn’t be fed watermelon seeds. Watermelon seeds are a choking risk to your guinea pigs.

    So you must remove the seeds before feeding your guinea pigs. Another alternative way is to buy a seedless watermelon. So you don’t have to worry about any potential hazards.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon Leaves?

    There are a lot of controversies surrounding giving guinea pigs watermelon leaves. So giving your guinea pig watermelon leaves, you should tread with caution.

    The safety of your guinea pigs is important. Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat watermelon leaves.

    You should rather feed your guinea pig the fruit instead of the leaves.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen Watermelon?

    Guinea pigs shouldn’t eat frozen watermelon. Guinea pigs’ digestive systems can’t handle frozen food. Frozen watermelon is too hard for them.

    Frozen fruits tend to lose their nutritional value.

    So it is always best to give your guinea pigs fresh-cut watermelon.

    Can Guinea Pigs Drink Watermelon Juice?

    Your guinea pigs shouldn’t drink watermelon juice. Watermelon juice contains too much sugar and should be avoided. I guess you don’t want to end up at the Vet with digestive issues

    So give your guinea pigs fresh drinking water daily for good hydration. They need water for the proper functioning of their vital organs.

    Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Watermelon?

    Baby guinea pigs can’t eat watermelon, especially in this early stage of their life. Baby Guinea pigs’ age is from birth to six months old. You should rather feed them hay(Alfalfa) and fresh drinking water every day.

    You should introduce them gradually to a watermelon after month 6.

    Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yellow Watermelon?

    Guinea pigs can eat yellow watermelon just as red watermelon. Yellow watermelon lacks the chemical called lycopene. Lycopene is what gives red coloration in red watermelon.

    Yellow melon turns out to be slightly sweeter than red watermelon. It is also high in Vitamin A and C which e essential for your guinea pig

    If you have to feed your guinea pigs yellow watermelon, make sure the seeds are removed. Serve in moderation due to the high sugar content.

    Fun Facts About Watermelon

    Here are interesting facts you should know about watermelons:

    • Watermelons contain 92% water and 6% sugar
    • The average American eats on average 17 pounds of watermelon a year
    • The largest watermelon weighs 262 pounds according to the Guinness Book Of Records
    • Watermelon rinds are cooked and eaten in most parts of the world

    Alternative Fruits Guinea Pigs Can Eat

    Here is a list of some fruits we found for you that you can feed your guinea pigs once or twice a week.

    • Strawberries
    • Raspberries
    • Pineapple
    • Plum
    • Pears
    • Peach
    • Oranges
    • Melon
    • Mango
    • Kiwi
    • Grapes
    • Cantaloupe
    • Blueberries
    • Blackberries
    • Apples(core and seeds removed)

    Remember to always feed in small quantities as a treat.

    Final Thoughts

    Can guinea pigs eat watermelon? Guinea pigs can eat watermelon, including the rind in moderation.

    Watermelon contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your guinea pig’s overall health.

    Watermelon has a high water content. It is estimated to comprise 98% water. Feeding too much watermelon can lead to stomach upset.

    As a guinea pig owner, avoid feeding the watermelon juice, watermelon leaves, and frozen watermelon.

    Wash your watermelon under running water and cut them into manageable cube sizes for your guinea pigs.

    You should feed your guinea one or two cube sizes once or twice a week.


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