Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners? (Facts)

Owning a pet is something many people want to do but struggle to understand. One such pet humans don’t understand is guinea pigs. There have been so many myths about guinea pigs. Many people forget to understand that their furry little friends can miss them. 

In this article, you will learn whether guinea pigs miss their owners and what you can do to interact more and have a special bond with them. So do Guinea pigs miss their owners?

Here’s If GuineaPigs Miss Their Owners

  • They run to you and look very excited
  • Their movements are erratic like your dog would react when you agree to play fetch with them.
  • They make noises that show they are pleased.
  • All these cues go to show just how much your little friend misses you.
Do Guinea Pigs Miss Their Owners

How Do Guinea Pigs Relate To Their owners?

Just like cats and dogs, guinea pigs are very affectionate animals. They love to be petted and cuddled just like you would treat your cats or dogs. 

Treat your guinea pigs like you would treat your furry friend. One of the things you will realize with guinea pigs is, that they are keen on sounds, scents, and sight cues. They know when you are in the room and when they are alone.

Do Guinea pigs Recognize Their owners?

Guinea pigs do recognize their owners as they spend time with them. Feeding, cuddling, and petting your guinea pigs are ways you interact with your guinea pigs. As you establish this contact with your guinea pig, you develop good bonding with them.

So with time, your guinea pig tends to respond to you as well as a stranger. This is because they tend to recognize you. This is a result of your daily interaction with them

How To Bond With Your Guinea pig

Since you have noticed that your guinea pig misses you, you need to find ways through which you can bond with them. Many people are at a loss when it comes to how to interact with their guinea pigs.

The issue arises because you cannot play fetch with them or rub their tummy as you would with furry pets. Despite this, there are still ways through which you can bond with your guinea pig. Here are the major ways you can bond with your guinea pig.

Pet Them

Just like your dogs and cat, guinea pigs love being petted, while you might not do it as aggressively as you would your cats and dogs. Small touches behind their ears would go a long way to show them that you care.

They are very ticklish so ensure you do not give them a sensory overload as you pet them. Pick them up first, then see how they react in your arms so that you can gently rub the back of their ears and see how they respond to that as well as be keen and stop petting them when you realize they are running away from your hand. It will take a while before they warm up to you.

Talk Calmly To them

Guinea pigs react strongly to you when you talk to them, so watch your tone when you are with them. Talk to them calmly and ensure that there are no loud noises in the rooms where they stay. 

If you are having a heated conversation with someone else, it helps if you do it away from your guinea pigs that might scare them. If you keep yelling at them, you will realize that they do not want to be around you after a while because they think you do not like them anymore.

Touch And Cuddle Them

One of the things you will realize as you keep interacting with your guinea pig is they love being cuddled. While you might not cuddle them like you would your dog, you can take them in your arms and hold them there when they are smaller. Ensure they know you first, so they do not get frightened.

Once they have a chance to warm up to you, take them in your arms and hold them for a while. You will notice they start to roll up and look cozied up. After a while, you can put them on your chest as you sit together, and they will hang on to you.

It is almost like having a baby with you. Guinea pigs can also be used to teach children how to be gentle with their pets since they are so small.

Final Thoughts

Getting a guinea pig is a move in the right direction if you love pets. Guinea pigs do miss their owners if you leave them for too long. So if you decide to adopt one or buy one this post should help identify the signs and how you can work with them to assure them of your love and care. 

Be patient with them at the start, as they will warm up to you slowly. Soon enough, you will notice them light up when you get home, and that is the best feeling ever.


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