Do Guinea Pigs Need Pellets? (Read This First)

Guinea pigs are herbivores species. Their main food consists of hay and fresh vegetables. You should always make sure you feed your guinea pigs more hay and a few amounts of fresh vegetables.

As a guinea pig owner, you want to know whether pellets should form part of the daily feeding. Let’s dive into it now.

Here’s If Guinea Pigs Need Pellets

Guinea pigs need pellets as part of their dietary needs. It contributes to their daily intake of vitamin c which helps to prevent a condition called scurvy. The amount that should feed your guinea pig is 1/8 of a cup daily. The timothy pellets are what most guinea pet owners recommend.

do guinea pigs need pellets

Why Do Guinea Pigs Need Pellets?

Guinea pigs pellets are a convenient form of food for your guinea pig. However, it should form just a small portion of the diet. Guinea pig pellets also contain vitamin c and other minerals which plays a great role in the well-being of your guinea pigs

Guinea pigs do not produce their own vitamins c. A lack of vitamin c in their diet leads to a condition called scurvy. So it is important you feed your guinea pig pellets that have vitamin c included. This helps keep your guinea pig healthy.

You should remember the vitamins in these pellets wear off with time. That is why it is more important to feed them vitamin c rich foods. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin c.

For fruits, you need to take note of the portion. This is because of the high sugar content in most fruits. High sugar content is not the best for the health of your guinea pig. Use the fruit as a treat. Too much sugar is not good for your guinea pigs.

Remember, not all pellets are formulated the same. Feeding your guinea pigs pellets, ensure you buy top-quality pellets.

Can Guinea Gigs Live On Just Pellet?

Feeding your guinea pigs only pellets is not recommended. Guinea pellets are commercially produced. These pellets sometimes contain extra ingredients which lead to obesity in guinea pigs.

Avoid guinea pig pellets that contain seeds and nuts. Guinea pigs do not need them

Guinea pigs are known to thrive well on hays and fresh vegetables. Vegetables should be green leafy types. Here are examples of green leafy vegetables we recommend:

  • romaine lettuce
  • kale
  • parsley
  • green and red leaf lettuce
  • cilantro

You should also try other varieties of vegetables such as coriander, carrot, beetroot, red bell peppers, and beansprout.

Here is an article on if Guinea pigs can eat broccoli

Cabbage must be minimized. They are high in calcium and can cause bloating in guinea pigs

Ensure you do not give them too many vegetables as their poop can become mashy.

So guinea pigs should be given 1/8 cup of pellets every day and must have access to an unlimited amount of Timothy hay every day.

How Often Do Guinea Pigs Need Pellets?

Guinea pigs should have pellets as a part of their daily dietary needs. It should form about 5% of their total diet every day.

Many guinea pet owners recommend you give them about 1/8 of a cup every day. You must try all the varieties of guinea pig pellets. Avoid the ones which contain seeds and nuts.

Remember to always provide your guinea pigs with fresh water every day. Do not add any substance to their water. Otherwise, your guinea pigs wouldn’t drink.

How Many Pellets Do Guinea Pigs Need A Day?

Guinea pigs should have about 1/8 cup once a day. You should never give them more than that in a single day.

Pellets are like vitamins for your guinea pigs. Vitamins are supposed to be taken once a day. So as a guinea pig owner, once you give them that amount for the day, you got to wait till the next day.

Should Guinea Pigs Have Unlimited Pellets?

Pellets should never be replaced with hays. Guinea pigs shouldn’t have unlimited access to pellets every day. It is recommended you give 1/8 of a cup every day. Do not give them more than that. Wait till the next day before you you feed them the pellets again.

Your guinea pigs must have unlimited timothy hay in addition to green leafy vegetables in small quantities. One cup of vegetables is what is recommended by guinea pig owners.

What Can I Substitute For Guinea Pig Pellets?

If you don’t have pellets to feed your guinea pigs, you should not be worried. It forms only 5% of their daily food intake.

You should make sure you provide more hay, grass, and vegetables high in vitamin c.

Do Baby Guinea Pigs Need Pellets?

Baby guinea pigs should be fed pellets. Guinea pigs aged 6 months or less should be fed pellets containing alfalfa. Alfalfa has a high amount of calcium which is good for baby guinea pigs. Calcium is good for their development.

For adult guinea pigs alfalfa pellets’ calcium content is terrible for them. It leads to urinary stones forming in guinea pigs.

These urinary stones are dangerous for adult guinea pigs. It will require surgery to remove them.

So for adult guinea pigs, the timothy pellets are the best. This reduces the chance of stone forming in the guinea pigs

Can Guinea Pigs Have Rabbit Pellets?

Guinea pigs and rabbits are similar in some ways. However, when it comes to their dietary needs there is some difference.

Rabbit pellets don’t contain vitamin c which is an essential component of the diet of guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs and rabbits are all herbivores. They all feed on grass, hay, fresh vegetables, and pellets.

So pellets specially formulated for rabbits must not be fed to guinea pigs.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs need pellets as part of their daily food component. It forms about 5% of their daily food intake. A Guinea pig cannot produce their own vitamin c.

Therefore they need these pellets which contain this vitamin for their well-being. Lack of vitamin c in the diet has been linked to a condition called scurvy.

The number of pellets you give your guinea pig should be about 1/8 of a cup daily. You do not exceed this amount daily.

The best pellets we recommend are the timothy pellets.

Your guinea pigs should be provided with fresh water daily. You should never add anything to their water otherwise they will not drink it.


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