Why Do Guinea Pigs Need To Be In Pairs? ( Explained )

Guinea pigs are social animals that need to live in pairs. You can find a pair of guinea pigs at the animal shelter or at your local pet store. So why do Guinea pigs need to be in pairs?

Guinea pigs need to be paired to prevent them from being lonely. It also helps their physical stimulation by means of playing and chasing one another in their cage. Stress and boredom are factors that can have devastating consequences on the general well-being of your Guinea pigs. 

In this article, you will find out why it’s so important for these furry friends to have another piggy companion. You will also learn whether to keep two of the same sex.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Need To Be In Pairs?

Reasons Guinea Pigs Need To Be In Pairs

Guinea pigs are social creatures. So it is important to have them in pairs if you decide to keep them as a pet.

As mentioned at the beginning, guinea pigs are social animals that will be happier in pairs. Here are the  reasons your guinea pigs need to be in pairs:


Guinea pigs like to cuddle with each other, and this can provide your piggy with comfort.


Pairs will often play together, and sometimes with their human owner. Although you can play with your piggy friend, their natural instinct is to play with like species.


This is another natural instinct of guinea pigs. Males may chase after females, or males will chase other male guinea pigs to show dominance. It’s all part of their natural behavior.


Guinea pigs in pairs will often share food with each other. It’s even better for the pair when they compete for food than when a single guinea pig has food all to itself.


Guinea pigs communicate by making several sounds, including cooing. If the pet is all alone, there is no one to coo at. This is how they show affection to one another.


Guinea pigs will groom each other, and this reduces stress levels. Grooming is a natural part of their behavior.

Keeping Each Other Company

Guinea pigs are social animals, so they will enjoy the companionship of another guinea pig, in addition to a human companion.

Overall, keeping guinea pigs in pairs helps curb loneliness, which would otherwise cause stress and sometimes other health issues. 

Should You Buy Guinea pigs In pairs?

If you are planning to buy or adopt a guinea pig, it is always advisable to get a pair. This provides companionship and prevents loneliness and well-being for your piggies. It is always important to note that guinea pigs are social creatures and you do not want to adopt or buy only one.

In the wild, guinea pigs live in groups or colonies. It is natural to them. So it isn’t a good idea just to have one guinea pig

Are guinea Pigs Happier When They Live In Pairs?

Yes, this is the case. Guinea pigs are social and friendly animals that enjoy spending time with other piggies of their species. It doesn’t matter if you have two male or female guinea pigs – either combination makes for a happy pair!

Guinea pigs feel safest and most comfortable around their own species. They love to play, chase and even eat together in their cage. This helps prevent stress and has a positive impact on their health

Can You Keep Two Male Guinea Pigs Together?

Although guinea pigs are typically kept in same-sex pairs, it is possible to keep two male guinea pigs together.

Stranger males take time to accustom themselves to each other, but if the two males are related, i.e, a father and a son, they will get along better.

If the two piggies are from different families, you can have them in separate cages and then bring the cages close to each other. This way, they can get used to each other’s smell and presence without necessarily fighting.

Can Two Female Guinea Pigs Live In The Same Cage?

Yes, it is possible to keep two female guinea pigs together. Unlike males who fight over dominance, two females will get along better.

A mother-daughter pair is the best, but it’s also possible to house two unrelated females together.

The only drawback is that the guinea pigs will need a larger cage.

Is It OK To Keep Just One Guinea Pig?

It is not okay to have one guinea pig unless it is a temporary situation or you plan to get another guinea pig soon.

Guinea pigs are social creatures that will feel lonely and bored if they are left alone.

Several scientific studies point to guinea pigs being happier if paired. In fact, paired guinea pigs produced more oxytocin (the hormone responsible for a good mood and general happiness) than a single guinea pig.

There are exceptions where you can have a single guinea pig. These include:

  • A human-oriented guinea pig would rather be around humans than other guinea pigs.
  • A senior guinea pig who has been alone for a long time and is used to it. Such a guinea pig will manifest aggression towards other piggies despite multiple bonding attempts.
  • A sick piggy who is recovering from an illness or injury. In this case, it is essential to have a veterinarian examine the guinea pig and give your permission to introduce another one.

Final Thoughts

It is in the guinea pig’s nature to live in pairs. This way, they are happier and healthier! If you have a single guinea pig, try to introduce a new friend as soon as possible. Make sure you have the right pair though. Guinea pigs should be from the same family. If you need to keep a male and a female, have the male neutered to prevent breeding.



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