Are Hamsters Dirty Animals? (Read This First)

Bringing a new pet home comes with a lot of challenges. This has to do with the hygiene of the pet. When it comes to hamsters, every owner wants to know if they are dirty animals.

Here Is If Hamsters Are Dirty Animals:

Hamsters are not dirty animals. They are natural groomers and will not need to be bathed. However, you must ensure their cage and bedding are regularly cleaned. Their water bottle and food bowl must also be cleaned.

Are hamsters dirty animals?

Do Hamsters Smell?

Hamsters are the least smelly compared to other rodents like mice. It is important to always remember to clean their cage regularly. Preferably, clean their cage at least once a week. This will help eliminate any odor that may emanate from their bedding, urine, poo, or food waste.

You must also provide your hamster with a bigger enclosure so there is enough area to place their food, water bedding, and litter. Potty training your hamster is very important.

Watch the video below on how to potty train a hamster:

Hamsters’ smell has also been attributed to the type and sex of the hamsters. Female Syrian hamsters tend to smell. On the other hand, the male dwarfs smell more than the female dwarfs.

Roborovski and Russian hamsters hardly smell at all. It is important to keep in mind to you clean their cages regularly.

Can Hamsters Clean Themselves?

Hamsters generally groom themselves to stay clean. It is an instinct for them. But when your hamsters groom themselves excessively it could be due to some skin infection. It is advisable to speak to a professional for their opinion.

some hamster owners also believe excessive grooming is due to stress.

If you observe exposed skin without fur, you must seek medical attention immediately.

Should You Bathe Hamsters?

Hamsters don’t need to bathe. They are able to groom themselves naturally as a way to keep their fur clean.

Bathing is not good for your hamsters. Your Hamsters can get sick when you bathe them. If they are cold as a result of a bath they will freeze to death.

You should only bathe a hamster when it has something stuck to the fur. This must be removed by simply using a dump cloth and cleaning that spot. Remember to use warm water

You must also provide sand for your hamsters to have a sand bath. When sourcing for sand, make sure the texture is fine. the sand mustn’t be dusty. Dust particles are very dangerous for your hamster and can result in respiratory issues.

The sand must be placed in a large bowl and placed in the cage. Encourage your hamster to use it. Some hamsters will not sand bath at all. If your hamster isn’t using it don’t worry about it. They are generally clean animals.

if you can’t get hamster-specific sand chinchilla sand can be sourced.

Do You Have To Wash Your Hands After Touching A Hamster?

Healthy pets are much less likely to carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans. However, you must be very careful when you handle their urine or stool.

If you touch your hamster, it is advisable to wash your hands.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Hamster Clean All The Time?

Hamsters will always groom themselves to keep clean at all times. However, as an owner, there are a few things you can do for your hamster to keep them clean.

Here is the list of things we found:

  1. cage: You must ensure regular cleaning of the cage. All food spillage must be avoided. Soiled bedding must be taken out daily. Your hamster bedding must be replaced every week.
  2. Grooming: Extra grooming is also required for older hamsters. Syrian hamsters are the types that require this extra grooming.

Final Thoughts

If you planning on getting a hamster and you are concerned about its cleanliness you shouldn’t worry at all. Hamsters are very clean animals. They groom themselves to stay clean. It is a natural behavior among most hamsters

Despite their cleanliness, you must pay particular attention to the cleaning of their cage and bedding. Clean their water bottle and food bowl regularly.


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