Are Hamsters Loud At Night? ( Read This First)

Are you worried about why your hamsters are loud at night? Hamsters are nocturnal creatures. They are very active during the night. So should you expect their loud noises at night normal? 

In this article, you will find out the reasons behind their loudness at night and what you can do to stop them from being noisy at night.

Here’s If Hamsters Are Loud At Night:

Hamsters are loud at night. They are nocturnal animals and are very active during the night. Their noises come from their wheel creaking. They also chew on cage bars which can send out loud noises.

Are hamsters loud at night?

Why Is My Hamster So Loud At Night?

Hamsters are nocturnal creatures. You will see them very active during the night time, Your hamsters are so loud at night due to a number of reasons. 

Here is the list of reasons your hamster is loud at night:


Your hamsters need to have a wheel in their cage. This helps them live an active lifestyle.  Exercising with the wheel is vital for their well-being.

However, the wheel causes so much noise when your guinea pigs exercise with it at night. So when it comes to choosing a wheel for your hamsters, make sure you get one that is less noisy.

Here are the three silent wheels I recommend you check on Amazon:

  • Niteangel wheel
  • Silent Runner 12” Regular
  • Woodent wheel Senior & Tail shield

Gnaw On The Cage

Many cages for hamsters are made of metals. Hamsters love to chew on hard things. Their teeth are constantly growing so they need things to chew on to help them keep their teeth in shape.

So hamsters gnaw on their metal cage. This sends a loud noise. 

Is It Normal For My Hamster To Be Active At Night?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They are less active during the day and more active at night. 

So if you find out that your hamsters are active during the night, you shouldn’t worry about it. It is normal for your hamster to be active at night.

This signifies healthy and happy hamsters. You must ensure at night you provide all the necessary things such as food, water, toys, a wheel, and things to chew.

This prevents your hamsters from being bored and living their normal life at night

How Much Noise Do Hamsters Make At Night?

Yes, hamsters do make noise at night. The amount of noise at night depends on the type of runner wheel and water bottle you have in the cage or enclosure.

If your hamster wheel is an old one, its moving parts will send out a creaking noise when your hamster rides on it.

Are Dwarf Hamsters Loud At Night?

Dwarf hamsters are loud at night. They are also very active at night as other breeds of hamsters.

Are Syrian Hamsters Loud At Night?

Syrian hamsters like any breed of hamsters make a loud noise at night. As nocturnal animals, they are active during the dark hours of the day. 

How To Stop Hamsters From Being Noisy At night

If your hamster’s noise is keeping you awake all night. You can do some things to help reduce or eliminate the noise completely. 

Here are some of the solutions we found for you:

Invest In A Good Wheel

It is essential to keep a wheel in your hamster’s cage. This wheel is mainly for your guinea pig to exercise with it. However, some wheels do make a lot of noise.  The rattles and squeaks as your hamsters run on it. 

This usually happens as a result of an old wheel or rusty one. A good exercise is necessary for your hamsters’ overall well-being.

So make sure you buy a new wheel that is quieter to stop your hamsters from making noises when riding on it.

Lubricating The wheel

If you are using an old wheel, its moving parts could be making squeaking noises. So it is important you lubricate the moving parts of the wheel to make it quieter. You should use organic oils such as olive, and groundnut to lubricate the moving parts.

In addition, vaseline and organic butter can serve as an alternative.

Choose A Plastic Enclosure

Most hamster cages are made from metallic materials and a lot of people prefer using that. These metal bars make a lot of noise if your hamsters chew on them.

To prevent that from happening, get a durable plastic enclosure for your hamsters. The plastic is less noisy when your hamsters gnaw on them.

You should also provide other chew toys to keep your hamsters engaged during the night. The chews must be of different sizes. Get at least 5 chews in the cage. You must also provide 2  hiding places for your hamsters. `

Choose A Good Location For Your Cage

The choice of location for your cage can help reduce your hamsters’ noise at night. This helps if you need a good night’s sleep

Hamsters are very noisy at night so placing the cage in your bedroom isn’t the ideal thing to do. However, your hamsters need a quiet and secluded place, especially during the day when your hamsters sleep. You don’t want to disrupt their sleep pattern 


When you can’t get your hamsters to be quiet at night, you could soundproof your door.

Soundproofing helps block the noise from your hamsters.

Your hamsters as nocturnal animals are known to make noise at night.

Is It OK To Take Your Hamster Wheel Out At Night?

Your hamster’s wheel shouldn’t be taken out at night. Hamsters are very active during the night. They become bored when there is nothing to do. 

So it is important to leave the wheel in the cage. This helps your hamsters to get the required exercise they need daily.

If you leave your hamster’s wheel in the cage, they gnaw less on their cage.

Your hamster s well-being must be your priority. So make sure sure you provide the right environment which replicates their natural habitat’

In the wild hamsters moves about a lot. They are known to run up to five miles during the night. So they need the wheel to cover the same distance if they were in the wild.

Can I Move My Hamster’s Cage At Night?

Yes, your hamsters’ cage can be moved into another location at night provided, the room has the ideal temperature for your hamsters. Avoid extremely cold or hot temperatures in rooms. 

You must also make sure other animals don’t go near the cage at night. Avoid rooms where there are fumes or strong scents. This can have an effect on their lungs.

If you continuously move your hamsters every night, this can cause stress for them. So it is important to get a permanent location for them to minimize the stress.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters are loud at night. As nocturnal animals, they tend to be active at night. It is natural for them.

However, most of the noise comes from the wheel creaking when they run on. Hamsters chew on their cage bars which can also send out a loud noise.

There are ways to stop or reduce the noise your hamsters make at night. One of such is to ensure your get a silent wheel runner for your hamsters.

Plastic enclosures tend to be quieter than metal cages. So get a durable plastic enclosure for your hamsters. In addition, provide chew toys and places to hide.


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