Are Hamsters Sensitive To Light? (Read This First)

It is important to know how hamsters react to the presence of light. You will explore what you can do to help them respond to light.

In this article, we will discuss hamsters’ sensitivity to light. You will find out what you can do to help your hamsters respond better to light. Let’s dive deep into it now.

Here’s If Hamsters Are Sensitive To Light

Hamsters are very sensitive to artificial light. They prefer to stay in the dark during the night. Providing a constant stream of light for your hamster affects its waking and sleep patterns. The best form of light to provide for your hamsters is daylight. Do not expose them directly to sunlight.

Are hamsters sensitive to light?

Why Are Hamsters Sensitive To Light?

Hamsters do need too much light. Since they are sensitive to light, you must avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

This can affect their body’s sleep resulting in behaviors you wouldn’t expect. One such behavior could be anxiety.

It is in the best interest of your hamsters to expose them to much natural light as possible.

Do Hamsters Need Light At Night?

Hamsters do not need light at night. This is the active period of their day. It helps in maintaining the body clock so you will hamster will know when it is time to go to sleep.

You should never put an artificial light in or near their cage at night.

Hamsters living in the wild are most active during the hours of dawn to dusk when there is little natural light. I

In the wild when there is bright light hamsters stay underground in their burrows. The underground is partially dark.

Hamsters should not be exposed to light at night. Too much light can lead to depressive behaviors

Are Albino Hamsters Sensitive To Light?

Albino hamsters are easily identified among the many breeds. Their red eyes and white fur is what make them different. They tend to have reduced vision compared to other hamsters.

Albino hamsters’ eyes make them more sensitive to light. This is due to a lack of pigmentation for the iris in their eyes.

Are Hamsters Sensitive To Led Lights?

Hamsters shouldn’t be sensitive to led lights provided you leave them at low, steady light. Led lights have dimmers on them which you can dim very low. You must not have them turned up all the way.

You must avoid flashing your led lights as this can disturb your hamster and affect their behavior.

Is Light Bad For Hamsters?

Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They are active during the night. So they don’t need much light during the night. They are able to see in the dark.

Leaving lights on at the night for your hamsters is not necessary. This affects their body clock. However, during the day you should allow daylight in their room. Make sure you don’t put them in direct sunlight.

Is It Ok To Light Candles Around Hamsters?

Candles are not good to light around hamsters. This is due to your hamsters’ sensitive respiratory organs.

When hamsters are exposed to a scented candle, research has shown that they suffer the following conditions:

  • sneezing
  • shallow breath
  • discharge from the eyes and nose

So the best form of light to provide for your hamsters is daylight.

Can Hamsters Be Kept In The Dark During The Day?

Keeping your hamsters all day in the dark is not the ideal thing to do. It is important to have natural light coming inside the room during the day. Don’t put them directly in the sunlight.

Natural light is required so their body clock function naturally. This helps your hamster when to molt, breed, and go to sleep. So make sure you have some form of light during the day. You don’t want to keep them in the dark all day. The natural day and night light circles help their well-being.

Do Hamsters Need Light To See?

Hamsters are active during the night. They can see in the dark. If you need to provide light for your hamsters at night, ensure the light is very dim.

You should always provide natural light for your hamsters

Final Thoughts

If you are a proud owner of a hamster, it is very important to note that artificial light does impact your hamsters. Hamsters are sensitive to artificial lights. So it is important you make sure you do not leave the light on all day.

A constant light near your hamster will affect their waking and sleep patterns. This disturbance can lead to anxiety or a change in behavior.

As nocturnal species, hamsters do not need light at night. Make sure you provide natural light for your hamsters. Do not put them directly into sunlight especially if they are near a window.


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