Are Hamsters Social Animals? (Explained)

Most animals do interact among themselves and their owners. if you are planning to get a hamster you want to know if hamsters are social animals.

This article will dive into if hamsters are social animals.

Here’s If Hamsters Are Social Animals:

Hamsters are not social with other hamsters. They are solitary creatures. You should only keep two hamsters together only if they are younger. They are territorial creatures and tend to fight or injure each other if kept in the same cage. You shouldn’t keep hamsters together with other rodents.


Which Hamsters Are Social?

Hamsters, in general, are not social. They will not share their cage with one another, This leads to a lot of fighting among them.

A hamster’s sociability depends on its personality. As hamsters come in different breeds, so they will differ from one another when it comes to social interaction.

Syrian Hamsters

Syrian hamsters are the friendliest when it comes to the different breeds of hamsters. However, they are known to be solitary animals. They tend to be territorial. So it is advisable to keep only one Syrian hamster to avoid injury and fight in the cage. 

Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are generally social. You can keep them in pairs provided that they are of the same gender. You should prefer identical siblings.

In addition, you should never buy a male and female of the same breed. This will result in them producing liters.

If you buy in the pet shop make sure you buy from the same cage and of the same gender.

Provide your hamsters with a more giant cage and two wheels.

Chinese Hamsters

They are similar to dwarf hamsters however they are not pure dwarf hamsters. They can sometimes get along with each other but most often they do not.

Are Hamsters Social With Other Hamsters?

You can keep hamsters together when they are babies. But as soon as they are adults, you need to separate them.

Hamsters are very territorial animals and will fight each other. The only time they interact with each other, especially in the wild is when they mate. After that, they part ways.

Hamsters are happy living alone. Hamsters can live independently provided you give them attention every day for at least half an hour.  

So don’t be tempted to get a second hamster if you want to avoid conflict. If you have a divided cage that can separate your hamsters, you are good to go. But remember never to put your hamsters together in the same cage.

What Animals Can hamsters Live Along With?

Hamsters are solitary creatures and must be kept alone. You don’t want to have them live with other animals. They will end up injuring or killing each other.

So you never put hamsters together with other rodents such as gerbils, rats, mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits

Is It Better To Have One hamster Or Two Hamsters?

To avoid your hamsters fighting, you must keep them alone in their cage. Since hamsters are solitary animals, keeping two together in the same cage should be avoided.

Yow will be way better off and have peace of mind if you keep one hamster. You will avoid nasty fights and keep your hamster happy. 

Are Hamsters Social With Humans?

Yes, hamsters are social with humans. However, this may differ from one hamster to the other. Some hamsters don’t care about their owners. Hamsters if kept alone tend to interact with their owners.

If your hamsters don’t want to interact with you that should be okay. However, you should still encourage daily interaction with your hamster.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters are solitary animals. They must be kept alone.  They are also territorial and will fight or injure other hamsters if kept in the same cage.

You must not keep hamsters and other rodents together in the same cage.

Hamsters need daily interaction with you for at least half an hour. Not all hamsters want interaction with their owners. So don’t worry about that. Make sure your hamster is provided with food and water regularly.


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